We’re Biggie Smalls.

We create heavyweight, problem-solving concepts for food, health and lifestyle brands. In other words, the tasty stuff. The vital stuff. And the stuff that makes life worth living.

Because, just like books, people have an unforgiving habit of judging a brand by its cover. Which is why nothing whets our appetite like a juicy branding, packaging and retail comms challenge.

We start – where else – with you. Your business, your brand and your commercial challenges lead our thinking, which in turn inspires our conceptually relevant design. (So it's not just pretty, it's pretty smart.) And we follow up with bang on the money creative.

That way, you have the confidence that when you send your baby out into the toughest audience in the world – the fickle, bored, choosy, tight-fisted (but occasionally delightfully-free-spending-if-you-get-it-right) consumer – you've given it the very best start in life.

And that's what we do. All the time. We're award-winning, commercially minded and entrepreneurial by nature. We're fiercely proud of our work. Right, that's enough bigging ourselves up. Let’s talk.

What we offer

Brand Identity
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Big Poppa Donuts

Big Poppa Donuts

Self Promotion

These days getting through the front door and onto the desk of any busy brand or marketing team can be a real battle. And so we created our very own trojan horse, disguised as three irresistible donuts. We were confident our little sugar bombs would strike straight at the heart.

Thinking outside of your average donut box we packaged three glazed donuts into a vibrant bespoke tube, stacking one on top of the other – a deliberate tactic which ensured each donut had to be removed one at a time. As our intended target(s) scoffed their way through one by one, they were presented with bespoke cardboard plates – each with a little blurb about the relevant studio offering, paired with the appropriate flavoured donut – strawberry (full fat strat), chocolate (crispy creative) and vanilla (sugar topped service).

The fictional donut character and brand name ‘Big Poppa’ was a nod to our own studio name Biggie Smalls. Our hit rate was exceptional, with very high levels of response and plenty of new work and allies created.