We’re Biggie Smalls.

We create heavyweight, problem-solving concepts for food, health and lifestyle brands. In other words, the tasty stuff. The vital stuff. And the stuff that makes life worth living.

Because, just like books, people have an unforgiving habit of judging a brand by its cover. Which is why nothing whets our appetite like a juicy branding, packaging and retail comms challenge.

We start – where else – with you. Your business, your brand and your commercial challenges lead our thinking, which in turn inspires our conceptually relevant design. (So it's not just pretty, it's pretty smart.) And we follow up with bang on the money creative.

That way, you have the confidence that when you send your baby out into the toughest audience in the world – the fickle, bored, choosy, tight-fisted (but occasionally delightfully-free-spending-if-you-get-it-right) consumer – you've given it the very best start in life.

And that's what we do. All the time. We're award-winning, commercially minded and entrepreneurial by nature. We're fiercely proud of our work. Right, that's enough bigging ourselves up. Let’s talk.

What we offer

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Hungry for a healthier planet.

Hungry Planet

Hungry Planet are a US-based manufacturer and retailer of premium, chef-crafted plant-based meats. After years of R&D, armed with an astonishing range of nine meats, Hungry Planet were ready to serve up a new brand to their global customer base.

The brand identity was built around the question: 'What are you hungry for?'. The plant-based market is expanding rapidly, and customers are hungry for healthier, tastier and more versatile foods that have a positive impact on the planet.

This versatility and diversity is celebrated in an identity that is rich with bold colours, typography and patterns. Photography highlights a global brand that offers a world of culinary possibilities.

Hungry Planet